Five Of The Most Ridiculous Adverts Starring Sports Stars

From Michael Jordan to Son Heung-min, there have been a few shockers over the years
17:01, 10 Nov 2019

There have been some fantastic adverts starring the world's most iconic sports stars over the years.

Who could forget the Brazil football team's airport antics in that late 1990s Nike advert? Or the "Be Like Mike" Gatorade adverts starring Michael Jordan (we've ALL heard of those, even though they never aired in the UK)?


Well, for all the adverts starring sports stars that were memorable for the right reasons, some will forever be ingrained in our thoughts due to their outright ridiculousness. So The Sportsman thought it time to shine a light on five of the latter.


Beautymist Pantyhose (Joe Namath)

Joe Namath is one of the most iconic American football stars of the 20th century - and, as a top quarterback, a beacon of masculinity.

It was something of a surprise, then, way back in 1974, to see him appearing in an advert for Hanes Beautymist pantyhose.

The then-New York Jets star was seen wearing a pair of the items - complete with shaved legs, the message being that they could make anybody's legs look good.


Of course, just to make sure nobody questioned his masculinity or sexuality, the advert ended with Namath getting cosy with a beautiful female model.


Cartoon Network (Carlos Tevez)

There's really not an awful lot we can say about this one.

You know the children's television channel Cartoon Network? Well, rather bizarrely, they paid Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez an extortionate amount of money to just... well... dance.

Wearing a red hoodie that read "ACTION" and the baggiest pair of jeans you're ever likely to see, Tevez strutted his stuff in no-frills style in plain white surroundings.


We must admit, he DOES have the moves (kind of), but it all just came across as a bit weird and nonsensical.


McDonald's (Larry Bird & Michael Jordan)

In 1993, two basketball legends - Larry Bird and Michael Jordan - appeared in a McDonald's advert that had a rather ridiculous concept.

Jordan arrived at a basketball court, where Bird was already playing, with a Big Mac and fries, prompting Bird to challenge him to a hoop-shooting contest for the food.

Jordan agreed and the pair went head-to-head - with the shots getting more and more elaborate, until they were both stood on top of a skyscraper, on the opposite side of the freeway, aiming their shots through the court's open window.

Like Jordan, Larry Bird is a multi-millionaire, so he could have just... you know... gone and bought a Big Mac and fries of his own.


Super Cone (Son Heung-Min)

Tottenham Hotspur attacker Son Heung-min is known for being a happy-go-lucky guy - he loves nothing more than football and when he has a smile on his face there is nothing quite so infectious in sport.

Apparently, that extends to his off-the-field antics as well, as he looked to be having a whale of a time in an advert for "Super Cone" - South Korea's answer to the Cornetto.

Wearing turned-up jeans and a very bold oversized jumper-T-shirt thing, Sonny used the delicious snacks as maracas while he danced in typically gleeful fashion.

We've really come to expect nothing less from the man in recent years.


WWE SummerSlam 2003 (Brock Lesnar)

As WWE's pay-per-view events go, SummerSlam is up there with the biggest and best of them - and the company tends to go all-out when it comes to advertising the annual show.

In 2003, they did exactly that - at least in terms of ridiculousness - when they had their star performer and UFC fighter Brock Lesnar appear in the ad for their August extravaganza.

In the advert, beach-goers were advised to get out of the sea when a great white shark appeared, but Lesnar had other ideas and rushed into the water to deliver his patented "F-5" finishing move to the beast.

It's a questionable move at the best of times, but the fact he slammed the shark into water made it even more ridiculous.