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Chelmsford City England

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Moulsham Hall Lane, Great Leighs, Chelmsford, Essex. CM3 1QP
Road Directions:
Via M25/A12; junction 28, and follow A12 in direction of Chelmsford/Colchester. IGNORE all signs into Chelmsford between J14 and J18. Exit A12 at J19/Boreham interchange, follow signs in direction of A130/A131 Sudbury and after, brown tourist signs.
Rail Direction:
Chelmsford (from London Liverpool Street or Ipswich).
Air Direction:
12m Stansted Airport. Helicopter landing facilities, by arrangement.
Bus Direction:
Number 70 from Chelmsford Station, alight at Great Leighs (not advisable for elderly and infirmed).
Disabled Facilities:
Accessible toilets on ground floor of grandstand, south paddock and ground floor of weighing room building. Fairwood Restaurant for wheelchair-bound owners and trainers should phone racecourse and contact access officer
Jackie Hodge, Simon Marriage
Dress Code:
Smart casual. Jeans and trainers not allowed in most enclosures.
Admission Fees:
See www.chelmsfordcityracecourse.com or phone 01245 360300
Stewards Secretary:
(Stipendiaries) Tony McGlone, Tom Evetts
James Stenning, Kieran O'Shea
01245 360 300
Nicholas Bostock
Clerk Of Scales:
Jeremy Lind
Clerk Of Tel:
07929 915731
Clerk Of Course:
Andrew Waitt
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