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The Racecourse, Brampton, Huntingdon, PE28 4NL.
Road Directions:
2m W of town off A14 Kettering road.
Free (Picnic cark park £10, evenings, weekends & bank holidays only); Boxing Day £10.
Rail Direction:
2m, Huntingdon Stn (London King's Cross-Peterborough line).
Air Direction:
Helicopter landing facility by prior arrangement.
Bus Direction:
Free shuttle service available from Huntingdon train station to the course 2hrs prior to first race, and 1/2 hour either side of the last race.
Children Facilities:
Free childrens' entertainment at selected meetings; phone course for further information.
Disabled Facilities:
Viewing Ramp; Toilets in all areas
Admission Fees:
Www.huntingdon-racecourse.co.uk\x\x 01480 453373
Robert Supple, William Jardine
01480 453373
Nicholas Bostock
Clerk Of Scales:
Oliver Mann
Clerk Of Tel:
01480 453373; fax 01480 455 275, (m) 07909 000955
Clerk Of Course:
Jack Pryor
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