QUIZ: Can You Match The Hilarious Quote To The Football Manager?

There are some crackers in here...
16:38, 05 Nov 2019

Football managers say the daftest things sometimes. Of course, there are press conferences full of your standard cliches - "It was a game of two halves" and "We are just taking one game at a time," but every now and then, they will come out with a line that will simply blow your socks off. 

Some managers like to steer clear of hilarity and assert their dominance by putting on a serious front, Sir Alex Ferguson was a master of the mind games with the press and rarely gave them a nugget of information whereas somebody like Ian Holloway saw an interview as a chance to get his personality across and crack a few jokes along the way!

We've put together ten of our favourite quotes from football managers to put your grey matter to the test. You should be able to score eight out of ten on this one!

Play below!