QUIZ: Guess The FIFA Player Ratings

QUIZ: Guess The FIFA Player Ratings
13:30, 12 Sep 2018

With FIFA 19 rapidly approaching we thought we’d build the hype for the game and test your FIFA knowledge. The next FIFA game will be dropping on the 29th of September but you’re able to get access to some of the game early which means information about the player ratings are coming out.

EA are currently releasing the player ratings day by day for the upcoming FIFA game and millions of people are eager to get straight into the action. FIFA Ultimate Team started back in 2010 and it’s gone by like a flash as we’re already approaching the 9th instalment of the game mode. Players have sunk their money on the game to get the best cards and haven’t looked back!

It’s no secret that Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode on FIFA and that’s the reason so many fans of the franchise come back and buy the next game every year, whether you’re a casual player or are spending your pocket money on some FIFA points it doesn’t matter!

We want to test the FIFA fans out there to prove they are die-hard fans of the game, the ratings mostly change every year, for example, Harry Kane back on FIFA 16 was 78 rated, next year he went up to 85, depending on how they played the previous season they’ll be rated accordingly. Some won’t always change though, Ronaldo has been 94 rated for the past 3 years now!

So, can you guess the ratings for these cards back in the day?