QUIZ: Who Said It? Brendan Rodgers Or Alan Partridge?

QUIZ: Who Said It? Brendan Rodgers Or Alan Partridge?
16:01, 26 Feb 2019

We can’t wait for Brendan Rodgers to return to the Premier League with Leicester City and bring some of his incredible quotes back to England and the East Midlands. Rodgers has come out with some absolute humdingers in recent years, at both Liverpool and Celtic, so much so that the Twitter account @DeludedBrendan now has 347k followers.

Anyway, the big cheese is back in English football at about the same time that Alan Partridge has burst back onto our television screens with his show, This Time with Alan Partridge. It was an instant hit back on BBC One last night with Coogan coming out with some classic quotes.

This got us thinking, Brendan Rodgers and Alan Partridge, they really are not that dissimilar are they? Both ego-driven characters who can come out with some absolutely blinding lines at times so we have devised a quiz for you folks at home to test yourselves on.

Our Brendan may only just be getting used to his new surroundings at Leicester, as they take on Brighton and Hove Albion tonight in the Premier League tonight leaving the hazy lights of Glasgow far behind.

Anyway, below are ten of the best quotes from either Alan Partridge or Brendan Rodgers. All you have to do is tell us who said it! 10/10 is easily achievable if you are a big Partridge (or Rodgers) fan, but anything above seven can be considered a respectable effort.

Tweet us your score @TheSportsman to see how your rank amongst the rest of our followers.

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