The Sportsman Quiz Round 12: How Well Do You Remember The Past Week Of Sport?

Let us take your mind off politics...
11:41, 13 Dec 2019

No politics talk allowed here. This week's quiz may prove to be quite a difficult one seeing as we have been bombarded from all angles by the General Election yet this is where the true sports fans hold their own. Forget Corbyn v Johnson, we saw Anthony Joshua beat Andy Ruiz on Saturday night to regain his heavyweight belts in Saudi Arabia which should ignite the sport of boxing in 2020.

We have seen the final round of the group stage in both the Champions League and Europa League to keep us ticking over until the weekend while the NFL has been flourishing in freezing temperatures. Round 12 of The Sportsman's weekly quiz is here to warm your cockles during this dark December.

Anyway, let's see how much you have been paying attention to the world of sport this week.

As always, eight out of ten is a good score!