The Sportsman Quiz Round 16: How Well Do You Remember The Past Week Of Sport?

The Sportsman's weekly quiz is back once again!
16:20, 17 Jan 2020

It is the end of the week and you know exactly what that means! No, not that you now have the joy of the weekend but that it is time to test yourself against The Sportsman's weekly quiz! This week we are all over the football while also testing your knowledge of cricket and boxing along the way.

Tyson Fury got his media show rolling with the first press conference against Deontay Wilder in their much-anticipated rematch, while England have enjoyed some success in their tour of South Africa. Manchester United still haven't signed Bruno Fernandes as that saga looks to roll into next week, after they take on Liverpool at Anfield this weekend.

If you support either one of those Premier League giants you may fancy taking our other quiz here...

But the consistent weekly quiz is where we test your multi-sport knowledge. Eight out of ten as always as the target. Good luck!