The Sportsman Quiz Round 17: How Well Do You Remember The Past Week Of Sport?

The weekly quiz is back and is as difficult as ever
17:00, 24 Jan 2020

The Sportsman's weekly quiz is back again and what better way to start the final weekend before payday than with a brain-teasing quiz?

This week we have seen the Australian Open swing into action as well as England's cricketers performing well in South Africa, while the midweek Premier League games gave us our football fix.

This weekend we can look forward to the FA Cup fourth round and England's Fourth Test in Johannesburg, as they close in on 500,000 Test runs - a magnificent milestone. 

If you fancy a challenge you can take last week's quiz here, but today the target is as ever, a tricky eight out of ten.

This week our multi-sport quiz covers football, rugby union, cricket, tennis and American football as we really test your grey matter! Good luck!