Adidas Originals Turn The ZX 6000 Inside-Out With The ‘X-Rays’

The adidas Originals ZX 6000 ‘X-Ray Inside Out’ are perfectly bonkers
09:00, 08 Dec 2020

2020 has turned the world upside down and inside out, of that there is no doubt. This crazy year has left us all feeling a little bit out of sorts with ‘normality’ now a distant memory. So what better way to commemorate this absolute bizarre year, with a pair of sneakers that perfectly sum up the past twelve months. These are the adidas Originals ZX 6000 ‘X-Ray Inside Out’ and they are perfectly bonkers.

SM Insta ZX6000 01jpg

You see, as you can probably guess from the name, these sneakers look like they are inside out. The interior features have been moved prominently to the outside and are on show for the world to see, while the exterior features have been blended in so they are almost invisible. Officially, the colour is a mixture of ‘Clear Brown, Chalk White and Sand’ but strangely these almost seem colourless as the inside features catch your eye. Hole punches, classic zig zag stitching and a sponge edge all now find themselves in the unusual position of the outside of the shoe, stealing the show with remarkable ease.

SM Insta ZX6000 02jpg

There are so many different materials used to create this blend it would be easy to lose track. Rubber, sponge, transparent overlays and smooth suede combine amid a host of others to make these a truly unique pair of shoes. Those transparent overlays sit on a midsection best described as classic, featuring the famous three stripes while the overlays also cover the front of the trainer, complemented by sponge edges that are there to represent the usual interior liner of the Originals.

SM Insta ZX6000 03jpg

On the toe box, the outsole’s pattern has been printed, while it also features on the insole, continuing the theme of inside-out. A dark heel cage gives you support but still fits with the theme while the sand midsole is Torsion-equipped. A plastic rubber, coloured grey cleans up the collar and tongue, but a nice touch is the inside out and therefore fuzzy adidas Trefoil logo that stars on the tongue. 

The Pixar film is a cracker but these have taken inside out to a whole new level. They are priced at £160 and drop on December 4.

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