Bjorn Borg Collaborates With London Streetwear Designer For Underwear Collection

Even if it is just underwear, you can still make a fashion statement
16:02, 22 Oct 2019

Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg, named after the five-time Wimbledon champion, has launched an exciting collaboration with one of London’s hottest young designers, Liam Hodges.

After graduating from London’s Royal College of Art, Liam quickly gained a reputation for his signature rugged workwear and playful sportswear labelled as ‘a designed for the mad and bad ones’.

This limited-edition collection of underwear fuses Liam’s influences from modern subcultures and postmodernism whilst keeping to Bjorn Borg’s explosive prints and vibrant patterns. 

“With the prints, I wanted to build on the identity of Liam Hodges outside of seasonal narratives and direction,” Liam said.

“The focus was on the brand identity and creating what felt like cut and paste collages with a marker pen as well as presenting something hand drawn and 'real world' with all its mess and complications.”

The three different styles – Scribbler, Tag and Cracked Stripe are especially designed for those who prefer to forsake conformity and like to make a subliminal message with their clothing.

Even if it is just underwear, you can still make a fashion statement! 

£35 x 2 Pack, Selfridges and

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