Nike Do Their Bit For The Planet With New Trainers Made Entirely From Rubbish

Introducing the innovative and important 'Space Hippie'
16:01, 08 Feb 2020

These brilliant Nike trainers are rubbish, quite literally. That’s right, they’re made entirely of trash. 

Striving to do their bit for the environment, the global sports brand has taken recycling to the next level to produce the 'Space Hippie.' Heavily focusing on climate change and the concerns about this globe of ours, they’ve taken action to produce this incredible footwear.

“When Nike set out to create the lowest carbon footprint shoe ever, it quickly became clear that waste would need to be its primary source material,’ the sports brand told their 1.27million subscribers on Youtube.

SM Insta Nike Space Hippies 01jpg

"But can you make a shoe out of, well... garbage? Even the designers and engineers weren’t sure. But they had to try - our future depends on it. The result: kicks completely out of this world. Say hello to Space Hippie.”

Flyknit yarn, borrowing fibre from plastic bottles, is used as well as crater foam along the sole, adding an interesting speckling effect to the design and a lightweight feel. Zero glue has been used resulting in these being Nike’s lowest carbon footprint shoes.

It’s innovative and it’s important. Scraps and waste have been transformed into Spring’s must-have running shoe.

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