The $1.5M Facemask That’s Encrusted With 3,000 Diamonds

Talk about fighting this pandemic in style!
11:00, 20 Aug 2020

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic into our lives, the facemask has become the fashion accessory of the year. And like any piece of fashion, it gives the wearer the freedom to express themselves however they choose, with literally thousands of the coverings available, with an ever expanding range of designs and colour schemes to choose from.  

But, if you’re a person of unthinkable wealth, you’re probably asking yourself “How can I fight the pandemic but also let people know that I’m ridiculously rich at the same time?” - fear not, for Yvel, a jewellery company based in Israel, have conjured up just the thing for you - a facemask made from more than 250 grams of 18 karat gold, encrusted with over 3,000 natural diamonds, and costs $1.5m for the privilege. 

Commissioned for a billionaire client in China, this particularly garish face mask, which is in the same price range as a supercar, was designed exclusively by Yvel’s co-founders, Orna and Isaac Levy.

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Given its eye-watering cost, you’d expect not just the shiniest, but also one of the most advanced facemasks on the planet. Fortunately, Yuvel have got that covered, claiming the mask will include N99 filtration capabilities (i.e the best), and that it "meets the most stringent standards" when it comes to stopping those pesky moisture droplets.

Like many companies across the world, Yvel and its 150 employees were impacted by the spread of the coronavirus and this one-off mask was commissioned, the company stated, as an "act of financial support" for its workers during these unprecedented times.

The mask, which is being worked on by 25 skilled workers, is on course to be ready and delivered to its client by the end of the year.

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