Warner Bros x Reebok Go Back To 1984 With Wonder Woman-Inspired Kicks

Reebok pay tribute to everyone's favourite Amazonian superhero
09:00, 27 Aug 2020

When the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman hit the big screen in 2017 it was a bona fide box office smash-hit, raking in a whopping $821M worldwide, making it the tenth highest grossing film of the year and the highest by a female director - so it comes as no surprise whatsoever that its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, is easily one of the most anticipated films of 2020.

Fans of the titular lasso-wielding Amazonian princess have been forced into a long wait for the sequel, with it being rescheduled five times in total, but it looks like it’s finally set to release on October 2. If that still seems too long to wait, then the new Warner Bros x Reebok Wonder Woman 1984-inspired sneakers might be just what the doctor ordered. 

SM Insta Reebok Wonder Woman 01jpg

Using a special gold colourway on the Classic Leather, a staple of the Reebok collection, these sneakers are a nod to the Golden Eagle armour adorned by Wonder Woman in the latest film (and first seen in the 1996 comic book miniseries Kingdom Come for the real DC nerds out there). The WW Classic Leather has an all-over metallic gold finish, and has an armour-like interior lining that’ll make anyone feel like a superhero. Wonder Woman branding on the heels and insoles completes the look.

SM Insta Reebok Wonder Woman 03jpg

The Reebok Classic Leather ‘Wonder Woman’ hits shelves as part of a wider WW collection, which will be available to purchase in unisex, women’s and kid’s sizes, and is set for release on September 17. These all-gold bad boys are expected to retail for $100 (£75)


SM Insta Reebok Wonder Woman 01jpg1
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