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Adam Hurrey

Adam Hurrey is a freelance football writer for ESPN and the Telegraph, among others, and the author of the book Football Clichés.

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Adam Hurrey's Top 10 England v Holland Moments
England vs Holland: Top 10 Defining Moments
1977: Cruyff’s walking tour of Total Football At some point, midway through the first-half Total Football masterclass that the Dutch dished out at Wembley in…
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Adam Hurrey's Ode To Aleksandar Mitrovic
In Appreciation Of Aleksandar Mitrovic: The Crimewatch-Reconstruction Diego Costa
“He shouldn't playing in the division," sighed Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder late last night, as if Fulham had activated some sort of real-life cheat…
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Will We See More Memorable Moments Like This When Chelsea Take On Barcelona?
Chelsea Vs Barcelona: 10 Defining Moments Of A Modern European Rivalry
1) Zola’s big dipper, 2000 Chelsea’s pre-Abramovich flourishes of the late 1990s made for some memorable European evenings at Stamford Bridge - Mark Hughes’ late…
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Freeze-Frames, Laser-Beams And A Thousand Camera Angles
The Forensic Pursuit Of Refereeing Perfection Is A Waste Of Airtime And Effort
As Sky’s virtual cameraman swooped into position, there was a Carragherian pause of nearly six seconds. Even by the atomic-level standards of scrutiny that define…
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Who Can Forget Playing Football With A Crushed Up Coke Can!
A Statistical Analysis Of Every Type Of Object That Could Conceivably Be Used For Childhood Games Of Football
“The ball is round”, the famous German coach Sepp Herberger once said. He had obviously not experienced a sponge ball after the Easter holidays, nor…
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There Have Been Some Classic Encounters Between These Two Sides...
England v Brazil: Adam Hurrey's Definitive Top Ten
10) Romario strikes in vain, 1997 A cult classic, as far as tournaments go, Le Tournoi served three primary functions: 1) allowing England some senior…
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Adam Hurrey's Top 10: The Very Best Of Neville Southall
He Tweets, He Saved: The Very Best Of Neville Southall
Football fans of a certain vintage face a very particular frustration of convincing younger generations about their footballing heroes. With goalkeepers, the job is even…
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Dare You Enter The World Of Peter Drury?
The Top 10 Moments Of Absolutely 100% Pure Peter Drury
“WHAT IS FOOTBALL, IF NOT FOR DREAMING!” Not my words, but the words of Peter Drury, during a 1-0 win for Stoke at Watford in…
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Adam Hurrey Picks His Favourite Wikipedia Photos Of Star Footballers
Ten Spectacularly Low-Key Footballers€™ Wikipedia Photos
It's a freelancer's flaky best friend, a constant source of topical mischief, but also occasionally just a faithful reflection of how things stand. Wikipedia and…
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Adam Hurrey Analyses The Intriguing World Of Football Manager Handshakes
Analysing The Art Of The Managerial Handshake
Some Premier League controversies burn twice as bright for half as long. This late-summer glut of dangerously high boots, for example, won’t be remembered by…
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Adam Hurrey's Top 10 Footballing Units Of Measurement
Adam Hurrey's Top 10 Footballing Units Of Measurement
10) A whisker The whisker has gradually edged out the “lick of paint” as the standard unit of measurement for an attempt at goal which…
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What's Your Favourite?
The Top 10 Most Satisfying Things That Happen In Football
10) Back-spinning the ball to set it for a free kick There are two seemingly insignificant things a non-goalkeeper takes undue pleasure in doing if…
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Ten Memorable Charity/Community Shield Moments
Adam Hurrey's 10 Moments That Justified The Existence Of The Charity/Community Shield
Pat Jennings scores from his own penalty area, 1967
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Shirt Sponsors That Belong In A Bygone Age
Adam Hurrey's Top 10 Types of Premier League Shirt Sponsor We May Never See Again
The last 25 years of the Premier League (which itself represented a bookend between one footballing era and another) have brought with them various shifts…
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Adam Hurreys 10 Most Indispensable Words in Football Headlines
Adam Hurrey's 10 Most Indispensable Words in Football Headlines
The close season - at least before they start jogging around cones and learning how to kick the ball to each other again in pre-season…
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