Manchester Derby Day Quiz: The Goals, The Gloats, The Goat...

Manchester United host rivals City this weekend at Old Trafford
13:00, 08 Mar 2020

The first Manchester Derby in the Premier League of the new decade takes place at Old Trafford this weekend, with Manchester United vying for a good grip on a Champions League qualification spot, something that their cross-town rivals City are currently being denied, not by their performances in the EPL but by the powers that be at UEFA.

It also marks 20 years since Manchester City were promoted back up into the top tier. That first stint didn’t last long, however, with the Blues dropping back down instantly. Since 2002 however, the Cityzens have remained a Premier League fixture, becoming one of the behemoths of the game. 

From the turn of the Millennium, the two Manc sides have collected a combined 12 league titles, developed the rivalry into arguably the most intense it has ever been and helped to make sure the Manchester Derby is still the match to cancel your plans for.

The match kicks off at 16:00 (GMT) on Sunday 8 March, and here’s a cheeky little quiz to whet your appetite.