Arsenal Have Won The Prize For The Most Leaked Kit In History

Arsenal Have Won The Prize For The Most Leaked Kit In History
12:03, 28 Jun 2019

It feels like Arsenal’s "new" kit is already about a year old.

They’ve not even played in it - or officially launched it even - yet the adidas designs have been leaked so many times, they must be in the running for some sort of record. In fact, let's call it - THIS is the most leaked kit in football history

Okay, I admit, these new adidas kits for Arsenal are absolute belters. Home, away and third are all brilliant designs which give a nod to the great adidas kits of the late 1980s/early 1990s. The yellow away design is clearly inspired by the "bruised banana" which remains an all-time classic.

Adidas have replaced Puma as the apparel suppliers, securing a multi-million pound deal for the new season which puts them in the top ten of kit deals.

The signs are that the new home kit will finally be with us next week after a promotional video ended up on YouTube which has had fans of the Gunners absolutely salivating.

Last month, Arsenal legend Ian Wright “leaked” a photo of the home and away kits on social media. Wright quickly removed the image but in this age of screenshots, nothing is ever truly deleted from Twitter and it was retweeted thousands of times.

The new video - filmed in various locations across North London - includes a mix of Gunners stars past and present such as Mesut Ozil, Alexandre Lacazette and serial leaker, Wright. Actor Idris Elba and former Arsenal skipper Tony Adams also make an appearance.

Let's just be thankful that this kit will finally be on sale soon and we don't have to endure any more "leaks".