Five Footballers We Would Really Love To Have Their Own Podcast As Peter Crouch Returns

Five Footballers We Would Really Love To Have Their Own Podcast As Peter Crouch Returns
10:09, 21 Mar 2019

The return of the much-heralded Peter Crouch podcast is bound to be music - or a whole load of interesting spiel anyway - to our ears.

‘The Peter Ustinov of the Premier League era’ as he was deemed by his co-host Tom Fordyce has produced a whole new brand-spanking series for us to enjoy and listen to.

Six-foot seven-inch Crouch is still ploughing away as a footballer, now well back in the Premier League, at Burnley (though unfortunately without a goal so far) after moving on from Stoke City after seven and a half years in January 2019.

The former English international has still made time for the recording alongside extending his playing career to provide us with banging banter, tantalising tidbits, intriguing insights, riveting recitals, and superb stories.

As Crouchy gets back in the booth, we line-up five more footballers we would love to see granted their own podcast.   

Adebayo Akinfenwa

At the Gym with Akinfenwa, or is that too Partridge? The imposing cult Wycombe striker is beloved for being a real throwback to a much-missed football era. The 36-year-old is still going strong, a journeyman with a mind-boggling 15 clubs on his Curriculum Vitae. From the depths of the Lithuanian league to a double-stint at Northampton Town, there's undoubtedly a whole wealth of anecdotes to mine out of this one.

Eric Cantona

King Eric has of course loved to be front and centre on camera ever since the Frenchman decided to end his time as a footballer in 1997, with a moderately successful film career and several attempts to go viral. But would he consider stepping away from the screen for a different vocation. He most certainly has a voice for a radio.

Cantona has previously talked about the favourite time of his playing days was in Manchester (obvs), and his career at United marked not only a staggering change in fortune for what would ultimately become the most successful team in England, but also helping defining the Premier League as we know it.

Pure charisma being injected down our ear canals. Yes please.

Duncan Ferguson

The most sending-offs in the Premier League era, Big Dunc hopefully wouldn’t be too shy at divulging the reasons behind the nastier side of the Everton legend’s notorious game.

Not just on-pitch beef anecdotes, but this potential podcast could give us the mindset behind a man who once kicked a man on crutches and head-butted a policeman. On top of that, we might even get some juicy stories of his time behind bars? Was there a Scottish version of The Longest Yard somewhere?

Paolo di Canio

Bit of a controversial one this one, the Italian will certainly need to keep his political views in check if he ever got behind the mic. Not just covering English football - as both player and manager - we’d be treated to a smorgasbord of stories venturing around Italy.

Want to hear more about the Derby della Capitale? Guaranteed. And let’s get some more insight shovelling snow for Swindon, and that beef with Leon Clarke. Di Canio is a man who divides opinion, certainly, but someone who most would happily listen to - about most things.

Michael Owen

Only joking.

BBC Radio 5 live - That Peter Crouch Podcast, That Houses Episode
BBC Radio 5 live - That Peter Crouch Podcast, That Houses Episode