Liverpool Winning The Premier League Would Be Good For English Football

Liverpool Winning The Premier League Would Be Good For English Football
13:35, 06 Apr 2019

As you can clearly see when you venture onto social media anytime Liverpool are playing, most neutrals do not want Jurgen Klopp’s side to win the Premier League for the very first time. There are a number of reasons for this but the main one seems to be the opinion that Liverpool fans would be unbearable if they won the title.

The thing is with football is that, although historic title-winning moments are remembered, the game moves on very quickly. There are just three months between seasons and once we get underway in August again, the whole cycle starts again and the previous season is quickly forgotten. Liverpool winning the league would not be as ‘bad’ as everyone seems to think it will and it would actually be a good thing for English football.

Manchester City are and will be the dominant force in English football for years to come. They are a juggernaut with Pep Guardiola at the helm and huge finances behind them, able to attract almost any player in the world. They broke every Premier League record last season as they stormed to the title with a remarkable 100 points and have arguably been even better this season, still in with a chance of winning an unprecedented quadruple.

The fact that Liverpool are even competing with Man City for this title is a remarkable achievement in itself, whilst also bringing entertainment to the top of the Premier League table. Although City’s football last year was amazing to watch, they had essentially wrapped up the title before Christmas, with no competition. They finished 19 points clear of second-placed Manchester United, so even if Liverpool lost the rest of their games this season and City win all of theirs, we will see a closer finish than last season.


Liverpool have already surpassed the points total of three title-winning teams with five games to spare and are playing their part in some thrilling finales to games. Just last week a Hugo Lloris howler gave them an injury-time winner against Spurs whereas comparatively, City seem to be winning games with ease.

Other clubs will change managers, spend big, and even win the odd title but it is difficult to envisage other clubs coming close to Man City over the next decade. It is easy to imagine City replicating what Manchester United did in the ’90s and 2000s winning the majority of trophies in England.

That is why, before this period of probable dominance, it would be great to see Liverpool win the title. Jurgen Klopp’s men are playing fantastic football and if Liverpool could win the title, perhaps they could attract some of the bigger names in world football and challenge City for the next few years.

It is imperative for the English game that we have a title race. We cannot afford years and years of City dominance, with the risk that the Premier League becomes like Serie A or Ligue 1. Liverpool have sparked life into this season and it would be brilliant for English football if they came out with the trophy in May.

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