Manchester United Legend David Beckham Gets Pranked By James Corden With Awful Statue

Manchester United Legend David Beckham Gets Pranked By James Corden With Awful Statue
08:40, 12 Mar 2019

He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the TransAtlantic James Corden certainly knows how to grab attention. The TV host and comedian, now Stateside on the Late Late Show, decided to make global superstar David Beckham the subject of their latest viral sensation.

Taking advantage of a statue being unveiled in the former England captain’s honour at LA Galaxy, as well as recent humorous incidents of Cristiano Ronaldo and Diego Maradona’s own monuments, Corden and his team pulled off a brilliant prank by getting there first and designing and revealing their own - atrocious - statue which looks like something out of the mind of Terry Gilliam in front of the disbelieving Becks.

Before they did that, the provided a montage of his career highlights for the Galaxy, which not only featured his exquisite free-kicks, but a few misses and sending-offs, disgruntling the former player.

Corden also sent an LA Galaxy film crew, who were operating as double-agents, and in actuality were working for the TV show. Beckham was initially irked at being called ‘Dave’ which he informs that his mother is the only one to call him that.

Beckham’s face when the statue is uncovered is a picture.

Available to watch on The Late Show's YouTube channel, the video shows Beckham stunned at the ‘Stretch Armstrong’ style arms, 'mahoosive' chin, and giant arse, the ‘sculptor’ - in reality, an actor, takes the brunt of the Manchester United and Real Madrid legend’s ire;

‘If my kids were to see this, they’d honestly cry’.

The prank comes to its conclusion when the statue is accidentally destroyed - ‘you’ve probably done me a favour there’ - and Corden makes his appearance.

You can watch the prank unfold below.

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