Pitch-Perfect Robots Take Over To Give Groundskeepers A Giant Helping Hand

Intelligent One creates perfect lines on sport fields and boasts more than 45 layouts
12:13, 25 Nov 2019

The robots are taking over.

But don’t worry, this isn’t some sci-fi horror narrative involving Skynet, John Connor and Arnie - these androids come in peace.

The Intelligent One (no, not another Jose Mourinho tagline) leads the field and draws lines on them with pinpoint accuracy. 

No longer will groundsmen have to painstakingly mark out pitch markings because this cool machine will do it all for them.

From football to volleyball, lacrosse to baseball, this fully autonomous line-marking robot is capable of conjuring up more than 45 different layouts.

This month, it was on hand at Coventry City to give a lick of paint to the pitches at the club’s training ground. The video is so cool and oh so satisfying.

Using a special GPS system, the robot is able to cover the turf and perfectly layout the markings required, and it scooped the Saltex Innovation Award in 2017 just a year after its release.


So accurate and reliable, the Intelligent Marking will no doubt save sport clubs time and money. 

The robots base station gives positioning within one centimetre either way, which is better than any other currently on the market, according to the robot’s website.

If you’re wondering how it actually works, it’s pretty straightforward.

Intelligent One is managed by using a tablet with a smart app which means the user can easily manage all of the line-marking process.

Football clubs looking to utilise the robot do so knowing it comes with a loaded template for UEFA regulated pitches.

Gone are the days of a man with a bucket of paint and a brush - this is the future.

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