Can You Beat This Quiz On How The World Of Sport Reacted To Coronavirus?

Teams and personalities from all aspects of sport have been doing their part
16:00, 01 Apr 2020

We miss sport. We miss the smell of the cigarettes and pies as you walk into a battered old football ground. The distinctive smell of a glossy programme or the sound of a racket thumping a fuzzy, yellow tennis ball into submission. 

These times have been difficult and will continue to be difficult for all of us, but with all of the trouble we are facing as a society, there are still some brilliant feel-good stories emerging from the world of sport.

We are here to test your knowledge on these Corona-based stories and have put together ten tricky questions to get that grey matter working while you are stuck indoors. 

Eight out of ten is always the score to aim for - give it a go below and good luck!