QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Some Of The Most Bizarre Sporting Injuries?

From dropping aftershave to being run over by your own car...
14:07, 11 Sep 2019

With the recent news that former world snooker champion Shaun Murphy suffered a leg injury while dancing to Disney’s Greatest Hits with his three-year-old son, it got us thinking about the most bizarre ways sports start have managed to injury themselves.

There's been some absolute corkers over the years but we've whittled it down to twelve of the funniest and whackiest ways injuries have occurred. 

Some of the best names who've not made it into the quiz include Santiago Canizares, who was ruled out of the 2002 World Cup after severing a tendon in his big toe after dropping a bottle of aftershave in a hotel room.

Arsenal's Steve Morrow fell off Tony Adams’ shoulders after celebrating winning the League Cup in 1993 and broke his collarbone, while Sevilla's Ever Banega managed to be run over by his own car, having forgotten to apply to handbrake at a petrol station. 

And it's not just footballers. Gus Frerotte, a quarterback best known for his time at the Washington Redskins, headbutted a wall after scoring a one-yard touchdown and sprained his neck, the Texas Rangers right fielder Sammy Sosa sneezed so hard he sprained a ligament in his back and left fielder Moises Alou fell off a treadmill and tore his ACL. Ouch.

Have a crack at The Sportsman Quiz with the twelve below, some of which are hard to believe!

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