Eddie Hearn Hints At Fight Night Return

Boxing fans are hoping EA Sports answer their calls
14:16, 30 Aug 2019

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has called on EA Sports to bring back the classic boxing video game series ‘Fight Night’, leaving boxing fans and gamers very excited.

The hugely popular boxing series franchise started in 2004 but has lay dormant for the last eight years, a surprise considering the last instalment of the series topped UK sales charts and was reviewed favourably among critics. 


However, knowing how much fans love the game, Matchroom Sports boss Hearn is on a mission to bring it back.

Speaking to ThaBoxingVoice, he revealed: “Everytime I tweet about it, it goes crazy!”

"I wrote to EA Sports, 'Do you realise how many questions I get about Fight Night games? Let me bring it back.”

"So, EA Sports, if you're watching, or any big-game developer, we're here.

"Fight Night, let's go. It's going to be number one!"

Stuart Watkinson (@stuboy_LXXIII) on Twitter

Fans are loving the news after Hearn first hinted at the game’s comeback last year.


During a Q&A on social media in October, Hearn was asked: "Boxing game for Xbox? Your the man to make this happen."

"Trying to convince @EASPORTS - would be huge,” was his response, causing fans to reminisce and enthuse about a possible comeback.

Knockout news and it’s just a case of hoping and wishing the game manufacturer gets involved to bring it back to our consoles.