Tyson Fury Helps You Transform your Mind, Body & Goals With Inspiring New Book

The Gypsy King gives readers an excellent insight into the mentality of a champion
09:00, 18 Nov 2020

He is the most famous - and quite possibly the best - boxer on the planet. The undefeated lineal heavyweight champion of the world. Undefeated in 28 straight professional fights. A man who never seems to be out of the spotlight, nor wants to share it. And now, after a long and often difficult journey which almost led to permanent exile, Tyson Fury is here to transform you.

The Gypsy King’s new publication, ‘The Furious Method: Transform your Mind, Body & Goals’, provides insight into a bonafide champion’s mindset. But this isn’t just about how to defeat any Klitschko or Wilder who unfortunately wanders into your path. This terrifically readable tome is as much about combatting those less physical obstacles who don’t take the form of an almost-seven-foot 230 pound goliath in the opposite corner. 

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Though he is the man on top of all the world, the book’s onus is the ease in which that world came crashing down, and the perseverance, the relatable struggle, to stop it happening again. That personality that threatened to implode has the intention to ensure that this titan is on the same page as the mere mortal reader. ‘The Furious Method’ is a feel-good and motivating tonic, full of inspirational advice for readers on how we can all improve our physical and mental health. Fury candidly discusses the experience of his first ever panic attack and the lows that threatened to blemish the career that seemed destined ever since he was birthed into a fighting family. 

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Fittingly, there are twelve chapters - twelve chapters, twelve rounds. The triumphs punctuate, of course, but Fury desires you to feel the darkness and believe in the light. Though Tyson Fury has stood above many on the canvas, the sense of victory is in the journey back to the ring, regardless of the result (a record that remains unblemished): “During the darkest days of my depression I would wake up first thing in the morning with tears in my eyes before I’d even sat up in bed. I felt as vulnerable as a child.” Fury urges you to be happy with your body shape (“I train multiple times per day and I’m still a chubby fella!”), cites examples of legends past and present, proclaims his respect for figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger and kindly provides the reader with their own ‘furious workouts’ to try out. 

A lot of the content contained within ‘The Furious Method’ will not be the most illuminating, but recited by one of the of the frankest, reassuring, and powerful voices in the sporting world, it is both timely and welcome. 

The Furious Method: Transform your Mind, Body & Goals, by Tyson Fury, Century, £20.

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