Conquer Those New Year Resolutions With These Five Fantastic Fitness Apps

From Strava to Centr, these apps will help keep your fitness goals well on track
08:00, 14 Jan 2021

During the first quarter of 2020 fitness apps were downloaded a staggering 593million times. Factor in a global pandemic, a lockdown and a whole load of New Year resolutions we plan to stick to, that figure will no doubt skyrocket in 2021. With so many apps out there, it can be difficult to choose which one will suit you best as you aim to achieve your goals so here is our rundown of the best fitness products on your mobile...



SM Fitness Apps 2021 Stravajpg

Let’s be honest, when you’ve just completed a gruelling course or ran a personal best, there’s nothing like sharing it with all your friends on social media. Well, Strava is an app which tracks your progress and allows you to show off our latest pursuits and what’s cool is, your mates latest trek or marathon will help keep you inspired too.

Price: Free/£3.68 to unlock additional features



SM Fitness Apps 2021 Centrjpg

You can find your centre with Chris Hemsworth’s team of trainers and become as chiselled and muscular as Thor himself. Created by the Aussie A-lister and his team of trusted experts, the Centr app provides tailored and detailed workouts, including boxing, yoga and strength conditioning. As well, while it may be one of the pricier apps on the market, it also offers up 7-day meal plans and even a mindfulness feature so it pretty much acts as a life coach as well as a fitness app.

Price: £22 per month/£87.50 per year



SM Fitness Apps 2021 Fiitjpg

Whether you are completely new to working out or a season pro, the Fiit app boasts over 600 classes for a variety of levels. With top trainers joining forces, the app features 20 different fitness plans and you can workout at the same time with one of the live routines or simply watch a recorded session meaning the app can be used to fit in around your own schedule.

Price: £20 per month/£120 per year



SM Fitness Apps 2021 Sevenjpg

Before the global pandemic hit, we all lived incredibly busy lives. Though even now, during lockdown as we’re stuck indoors, there is still so much to do, from working at home, to looking after the kids to getting through the latest series on Netflix. Many of us just don’t have the time for fitness but that is where the Seven app comes in. The app gives you the best workout in just seven minutes. You’ll get the absolute benefit of a short, sharp, intense routine in just 420 seconds. Job done.

Price: £7.35 per month/£44.11 per year


Couch to 5k

SM Fitness Apps 2021 CT5Kjpg

Judging by current guidelines, life may be on hold a little while yet but that doesn’t mean we have to be restricted to the sofa. The Couch to 5k app is ideal for beginners, ready to take their first tentative steps into the world of workouts. Training three times a week for nine weeks, this app combines interval training with distance running and sprints to slowly improve your fitness so you will be ready to smash a 5k with ease.

Price: Free

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