Fans Were Left Overwhelmingly Disappointed With Floyd Mayweather's 'Huge' Announcement

Fans Were Left Overwhelmingly Disappointed With Floyd Mayweather's 'Huge' Announcement
15:06, 18 Apr 2019

Boxing fans were left somewhat aggrieved after Floyd Mayweather’s tease of a 'huge' announcement ended underwhelmingly.

Floyd stated that whatever his announcement would be on Wednesday, it would net him over $100m and it sent boxing’s rumour mill into overdrive, with many musing over what this cryptic announcement could be - Could it be a Manny Pacquiao rematch? Another chance to square-off with Conor McGregor? Maybe he fancied a chance to take down one of the hot shots that currently hold one of his old belts? Sadly, it was none of those.

In an Instagram post, the 42-year-old deflated any big hopes anyone had of a huge return to the ring when his big announcement turned out to be just a new betting partnership with the ‘Daily Number’ Fantasy Sports platform.

“After careful consideration and discussions with my team, I will join Daily Number in 2019 - the baddest mother f**ker in the game.

“My next opponent is DraftKings. That’s right, we are coming for the crown.

“My partnership with Daily Number Fantasy Sports will never be the same. I change the game with everything I touched. Whether its boxing promotions, gyms, you name it.

“Now I’m in fantasy sports. I put my money where my mouth is. Championship belts are nice but they collect dust.”

Unsurprisingly, fans weren’t happy with the 50-0 boxer’s seemingly expert trolling at teasing this announcement and let him know in the comments.

One fan wrote: “All that anticipation for nothing. That isn’t “big news,” you wasted everyone’s time.”

“This is the biggest nothing announcement I think I’ve ever heard.” posted another. 

It appears he may have retired from boxing for good now after a phenomenal career which saw him retire undefeated, become a five-weight world champion and secure himself an incredible sum of money.

Just leave the huge announcements for something that’s actually huge next time, Floyd.