Loved By Bolt, Beckham and DiCaprio, The Cult Of Peloton is Covid-Proof

With share prices increasing 236%, Peloton are crushing home workouts during lockdown
14:00, 17 Sep 2020

There is a tribe. A cult. They rise early. They work hard. Now, there’s over a million of them worldwide. This is Peloton. It was successful before lockdown but thanks to the coronavirus enforced shut down of gyms, Peloton numbers have gone stratospheric. 

David Beckham, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, three of the finest sportsmen to ever have lived, are all fully-fledged members of the Peloton tribe. Hollywood is all in too, with the likes of Kate Hudson, Hugh Jackman and Leonardo DiCaprio being huge believers.

© Peloton
© Peloton

It’s proven so popular during the global pandemic that Chief Executive, John Foley, has declared Peloton to be Covid-proof (a wish we have for the wider world).

This is the ‘exercise bike’ (it feels somewhat of an understatement to call it that) that has revolutionised home workouts and now, following lockdown, has over one million subscribers worldwide. That number has doubled in the past year. 

It’s share price has increased by 236% since mid-March and it isn’t hard to see why. In this age of social media, Peloton have perfectly blended the adrenaline rush of a live class to the convenience of the home-workout. One million people can’t be wrong. 

But it’s just an exercise bike with a fancy screen right? Wrong. For many, Peloton has clearly become the best gym experience you can get without physically leaving the house - it’s basically an entire gym, personal trainer, exercise class and one of the best bikes in the business. All rolled neatly into one global phenomenon.

© Peloton
© Peloton

You are the class. With access to world-class instructors you will get all the motivation you need, right when you need it. Things can get competitive in the live classes, as your ‘rank’ appears on your own screen. Nothing will make you peddle harder than being beaten by someone you know, trust me. 

There are thousands of classes available over a variety of disciplines and 10-14 live classes broadcast daily, so you’re never stuck for choice. You can plug-in live with hundreds of other members or catch-up in your own time, on-demand. 

Men’s Health called it “the best cardio machine on the planet” and they know a thing or two about fitness. Although the bike is what Peloton are best known for, they haven’t skimped on their other offerings. Peloton have recruited the best talent to lead their classes, no matter the discipline. Aditi Shah, who has hosted a yoga class in Times Square for 2,000 people, provides Yoga classes for the platform. There are also a whole host of strength training classes to make you weak at the knees. It isn’t all sweating and stretching, sometimes you need something a bit less intense and Peloton delivers on this too. There are several classes on meditation, one of which focuses on how to sleep when you just need to unwind, and catch a few zs.

© Peloton
© Peloton

If the software is elite then the hardware can match it. The 24” HD screen can rotate 360 degrees providing full flexibility and the bike can stand up to even the most rigorous spin class. No more sweaty gyms, you can workout on your own terms, in the comfort of your own home.

Peloton won’t get boring either, there are programmes, classes and challenges for you to complete and you can even download playlists from your workout if a certain tune gets you going.

As much as we all hope to be back to BC (before Covid) times again soon, we think like working from home, working out from home looks like it is here to stay. With elite equipment and access to the world’s best trainers in your own space, no queuing for equipment, wiping down other people’s sweat, or communal shower rooms, Peloton is here to stay. Take that Covid-19.

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