The Rock And Four Other Celebrity Workouts To Keep You Fit During Lockdown

From beginners to experts, these famous folk have something for everyone
14:00, 21 Apr 2020

Fitness, wellbeing and not eating everything in the fridge through sheer boredom are the top three priorities for all of us on lockdown. And for many of us, who just last month were quite content eating crisps, drinking with mates and doing two sit-ups a day (getting in and out of bed), the pressure to do some kind of fitness is intense. 

But where to start, how to train and who has the best advice? To answer these questions we turn to the wonderful world of celebrities, and their social channels. Because whilst they are just as bored as the rest, they have also spent a lifetime dedicating themselves to fitness. Which means they are probably worth listening to. Just for the next month or so at least. 


Mark Wahlberg 

If anyone tells you that something isn’t possible, you just point out that the main chap from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, who did two years for attempted murder, has a star on the Hollywood Hall Of fame.

Mark’s determination and dedication to haul himself up from the gutter makes him the perfect starting point for our new bodies, and what do you know, he’s doing live workouts with @f45 that you can join in with. The focus is on staying fit and healthy, you can use your own body weight and Mark does it right there with you.

Best for: Starting Out


Conor McGregor

From fashion, to fighting, to drinking, nothing Conor does is run-of-the-mill and his fitness is no different. Conor is the man behind McGregorFast, a subscription based service that he describes as ‘a zone based workout program for ultimate performance’ and we describe as ‘bloody hard work’.


A good example of what to expect can be seen on a recent Conor post, where he demonstrates ‘Close grip pull ups with the emphasis not so much on the back side lat, but the near side sternum’. The emphasises here is on perfection, so don’t walk in unprepared (advice someone should have given him about Khabib, thinking about it).

Best for: Absolute commitment  


Cristiano Ronaldo

Back in January, Ronaldo became the most followed user on Instagram with 214m followers. He’s also been one of Time’s most influential men in the world, and the world’s most highest paid athlete for a few years running back in 2016 / 2017. And the good news? He does fitness! Well, sort of.

When it comes to instructional videos he’s no Rock, but, he has mastered something that precious few other big time athletes have. The thumbs-up. Yes, there he is on the cycling machine, the mats, the kitchen, happy thumb in the air. But that’s where we stop the gentle teasing, because he can also do 146 ab crunches in 45 seconds and he’s challenging you to beat him one his Instagram channel. 

Best for: Abs, obviously. 


The Rock

The Rock has taken a little back-step during lockdown, but for the right reasons. He no longer posts videos of himself lifting bonkers weights or heavy chains, but instead answers questions and talks through his exercise strategies.

The reason? He appreciates not everyone can get to the gym right now and doesn’t want to be that celebrity showing off with the monster home set-up. What that means however is we get a far more reflective, less rage fuelled Rock who is full of advice, on muscle inventory, whiteboards, lower body workouts for weight loss…you name it, The Rock knows it. 

Best For: Motivation


Nicola Adams

Our very own Olympic Gold fighting machine, Nicola Adams, brings a completely practical approach to fitness - you can add or reduce weight to all of her exercises depending on your ability (hint: your ability is not her ability).

As you would expect, Nicola does planks, side planks, planks with leg raises, squats, rows, oh she does everything. Head to her Instagram channel and give it a go.

Best for: Beginners 

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