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July 24, 2017, 7:41:03 pm
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Sun Is Shining On Nico

The Washington Redskins have signed Bob Marley's grandson, Nico Marley.

The 22 year old impressed the Redskins at a rookie minicamp and joins the franchise as linebacker.

Who Else?
How The NFL Draft Round One Panned Out
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Five Superstars Of Tomorrow To Watch In The 2017 NFL Draft
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Angry Manning Shoots Down 'Scam' Talk

New York Giants quaterback Eli Manning has shot down the latest fake memorabilia scam allegations that have now been aimed at the Super Bowl winning QB for the past three years.

Manning is pretty adamant that he's done nothing wrong and when being questioned during a Giants training camp this week Manning was visibly upset - "when you attack my integrity I get angry".

Powerful stuff!

NFL Strike Deal With Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime are dipping their toe into the live sport market with a deal to stream 10 NFL games this year.

It's not yet clear whether the service will be made to Amazon prime customers outside the United States. 

Amazon reaches deal with NFL to stream Thursday night games
Oakland Raiders' New Las Vegas Stadium Is Annoyingly Impressive..

The Raiders architectural plans for their new stadium have been revealed now the move to 'Sin City' has been confirmed.

Their new stadium will hold 61,000 people and cost an expected but eye-watering $1.9 billion.

It is unfortunate that the Oakland Raiders fans are unlikely to travel the 558 miles to Vegas to see this piece of art.

See the video below for a feel of the new stadium.

Oakland Raiders To Relocate To Las Vegas

The committee of NFL owners have given the Oakland Raiders the go ahead to relocate to Las Vegas.

The proposal was voted through 31 votes to one.

Vegas is an 8-hour drive from Oakland with the two cities 558 miles apart.

The fans are understandably fuming with this decision.

Never Bet Against Brady
Russell Palmer
The Sportsman Reporter
Tennis player Eugenie Bouchard wasn't the only person to think that the Atalanta Falcons were home and hosed when 28-3 up in Sunday's Super Bowl.…
He Could Have Dressed Up For The Occasion!
Can Brady Join The NFL Immortals With A Fifth Super Bowl Win?
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Even if your knowledge of the NFL is sketchy, chances are you've heard of Tom Brady.  On Sunday, at the age of 39, he could claim…
Tatts The Way I Like It Aha Aha

Ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday night fans of the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons have being a 'Tatt Off'. One of these guys is going to be googling 'tattoo removal services' come Monday morning! 

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