The Hand-Crafted, One-Off, ‘Porcelain’ Adidas That Could Sell For $1Million

Collaborating with Meissen, these adidas ZX8000s are truly one-of-a-kind
13:00, 05 Dec 2020

adidas Originals have teamed up with world-renowned porcelain maker Meissen to give the ZX8000 a truly one-of-a-kind makeover which Sotheby‘s will be auctioning off at an estimated auction for between $1 and $1,000,000, with proceeds going to the Brooklyn Museum to help fund access to the arts for local youths.

SM Insta Adidas X Meissen 01jpg

Let’s make one thing clear, these aren’t for a jaunt to the shops in, these are art, plain and simple. Combining Meissen’s historic ‘Krater’ vase, first designed in 1856 and which unites a number of decorative styles from throughout Meissen’s 310-year history, with the ZX8000, the sneaker’s hand-painted leather is painstakingly crafted with hand-made porcelain overlays that are adorned with 15 of the 130 possible patterns that Meissen adds to its vase. The pair took six months to be put together and over a year to design in total, utilising the skills of four individual painters across three separate Meissen departments.

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Till Jagla, adidas’ global head of energy, said, “Meissen carries so much heritage and know-how, inspiring collectors around the world. The manufacturing process to create the ‘first porcelain sneaker ever’ has been very complex, and took us more than a year to finish the product. The team has been obsessed with creating the perfect piece of art. When I think about this project, what I liked most is the love, the passion and the dedication, which have led to an overwhelming result.”

SM Insta Adidas X Meissen 02jpg

The Meissen x adidas Originals ZX8000 “Porcelain” can be found on the online-only lot between December 7 to December 16 on Sotheby’s website. For those of us without a spare $1m lying about,  Meissen and adidas Originals will be releasing a commercially available ZX10000 inspired by this one-of-a-kind shoe later this month.

SM Insta Adidas X Meissen 03jpg
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