The Retro Electric Motorcycle That's Doing Its Bit To Save The Planet

The Luna comes from Brooklyn-based manufacturer Tarform
09:00, 06 Jul 2020

Vroom Vroom Vegans. Here’s something environmentalists who also enjoy their engines can appreciate. Electric-powered vehicle owners may enjoy being on their high horse, but for all the good for the globe in their production of fewer emissions to stop Earth coughing, the construction of the respective car or bike itself ain't necessarily too environmentally friendly.

Riding to the rescue is Brooklyn-based motorcycle manufacturer Tarform.

SM Tarform Luna Detail 03jpg

First announced in 2018 and set for a 2021 release, the 55-horsepower electric ‘Luna’ is now in production. Its lithium-ion battery pack and 41-kW motor will allow the rider to travel up to 120 miles of range, has a 3.8-second 0-60 miles per hour clocked, and can reach a top speed of 95mph, more than enough to get you to your sustainable chalet or Greenpeace gathering. In addition, the onboard 3.3-kW charger enables the Luna to recharge from 0-80% in just 50 minutes, with the battery replaceable.

The onus for the lovely luscious Luna, as declared by Cycle Volta, is on three core principles: technology, modularity, and respect for the environment.

SM Tarform Luna Detail 05jpg

It has been installed with a vegan leather seat, created with recycled aluminium, and a flax weave that reinforces the composite body panels. The frame is TIG-welded aluminium, and the Founder's Edition features Ohlins suspension and ISR brakes. A 3.4-inch HD display has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, with haptic blind spot detection and keyless proximity starting.

SM Tarform Luna Detail 04jpg

The Luna has arrived on the market after Tarform’s CEO and founder Taras Kravtchouk wanted a bike that didn’t rely on “toxic” materials but had longevity. He told The Drive, “Vehicles of tomorrow should be built to last, with the spirit of craftsmanship preserved. Vehicles should be built for upgradability and not obsolescence.”

You can preorder it at $500 for that next year delivery with the total price for the base model registering at $24,000. The Founder limited edition of the Luna - of which only 54 will be produced - is almost double that at $42,000 and will come with upgraded Ohlins suspension, billet-aluminium wheels, and customized bodywork.

SM Tarform Luna Detail 02jpg

But of course, that’s a small price to pay for doing your part to support our beautiful, beleaguered planet. 

Luna looks good!

SM Tarform Luna Detail 06jpg
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