From Sea Supercar To Bulletproof Yacht, Feast Your Eyes On The Boats Of The Year

Here are three of our favourite sea crafts we featured in 2020
08:00, 27 Dec 2020

There are few greater feelings than being on the open road, soft top down and the sun shining. However, one thing that certainly matches it, is being on the open waters. As The Lonely Island boasted in 2009, “I'm on a boat, I'm on a boat, Everybody look at me, cos I'm sailing on a boat!”

Here are three of our favourite yachts and boats we featured this year, including a Bond Villain’s dream mode of transport and a supercar for the sea…


The 725bhp VICTA 02 that can cruise underwater

SM Boats 2020 03jpg

The world’s first operational surface submersible, the VICTA 02 is sleek and shark-like and can hurtle through the water, powered by a 725bhp diesel engine and boosted by Konseberg water jets. Moving at 40 knots across the surface of the sea, it can cruise underwater at 8 knots and is capable of giving passengers four hours worth of air, with the control interface keeping the pilot right up to date with how everyone’s doing, which is handy.

Price: £7m


The bulletproof Bond baddie Mazu 82

SM Mazu 82 Yacht 01jpg

Mazu (which also sounds like a Brazilian striker plying his trade in Japan) is a Chinese sea goddess and certainly an apt name for this luxurious beast of a superyacht which looks exactly like something the Bond baddies would gather on as they bid to halt James.

Travelling at a top speed of 46mph, this 82-foot superyacht is bulletproof, which is yet more bad news for 007. Once on board though, if James can get grips with the enemy, the rewards will be huge, as this boat boasts a screen which turns into an open-air cinema.

Price: TBA


The Lamborghini on water

SM News Lambo Tecnomar 021jpg

Supercar legends Lamborghini teamed up with the Italian Sea Group to produce the Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63, a yacht inspired by one of their fastest motors, the Sian FKP 37. Set to be released next year, it’s tribute to the carmaker’s foundation in 1963 and will also feature the iconic ‘Fighting Bull’ logo.

The yacht weighs just 24 tons (that is seriously like a feather for a sea machine) courtesy of a carbon fibre shell and can hit 69mph on the water thanks to twin V-12 engines with a huge 4,000 horsepower.

Price: £2.7m

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