Rugby Player Tevita Nabura Kicks Opponent Clean In The Face

Rugby Player Tevita Nabura Kicks Opponent Clean In The Face
13:29, 19 May 2018

They take their rugby seriously down under and the Highlanders and the Waratahs have just played out a particularly bruising Super Rugby encounter.

They say the sport is a hooligan’s game played by gentleman but there appears to be a break in that tradition if this today’s events are anything to go by.

During a somewhat bad-tempered encounter, the Highlanders' Tevita Nabura leapt into the air to take in a high ball and, taking a quick glance down to see where his opposite man was, gathered the ball before flicking a boot straight into the face of the Waratah’s Cameron Clarke.

After the match official on the field, Brendon Pickerill, consulted the Television Match Official he received a straight red for that offence and was sent for an early bath while the victim of his transgression received treatment.

It was only Nabura’s third game in this level and, if you’re to take a sympathetic standpoint, the atmosphere at the ground might have got into his head a little bit.

The Super Rugby season had been going swimmingly for the Kiwi sides until today, they hadn't lost to Australian opposition in 40 matches. But the Highlander succumbed to a 41-12 loss in Sydney much to the delight of the Australian rugby fanbase.

An ignominious day for the Highlanders as they let down the fine record of the most rugby-mad nation on earth. After this video has circulated around the rest of the world, you feel the Highlanders won’t be getting much sympathy, either.