Five Blenders For That Ultimate Post-Workout Smoothie Experience

Need to load up and run? Here are your best bets
14:00, 09 Dec 2020

Incredible as it sounds, there was a time, not so long ago, when we ate solid foods with a knife and fork. Now of course, no day is complete without putting an entire salad to the sword, thrashing everything from carrots to avocados into creamy runny liquids for that healthy post-workout shake or in between meal snack.

But with so many machines on the market, how do you know which blender is right for you? For this article, we are going to assume you simply need straightforward post-workout shakes and quick meal substitutes rather than anything massive. So huge machines capable of mincing an entire roast dinner are out. Secondly, we will assume you are making smoothies on the run, so the ability to drink directly from the container is important. And thirdly, we will assume you have a busy kitchen - even more so in this banana bread world of lockdown - so we’ve kept them as compact as possible. Ready? Let’s go shopping...


VonShef - Ultra Blend Smoothie Maker

SM Insta Smoothie Makers Von Shefjpg

Light enough to carry around with you, the VonShef is a fruit-killing machine boasting a 1000w motor that spins razor-sharp blades at 25,000RPM. It blitzes vegetables, pulverises seeds and can even turn food into soup. Seriously, nothing can survive the VonShef! Comes with a large and medium cup and spill-proof lids for those quick dashes to the gym at lunch.

Price: £53.99


NutriBullet - 900W Blender

SM Insta Smoothie Makers Nutribulletjpg

Everyone knows the name NutriBullet, they have been putting the fear of God into food for over a decade. The Champagne option looks the absolute business but don’t be fooled by the soft exterior, it’s packing enough power and accessories to cover every possibility. The 900W blender makes 50% more power than previous Bullets and the real genius here is the simple rinse and clean once you’re done. The ultimate on-the-go blender.  

Price: £79.99


Tribest - Personal Blender PB 150

SM Insta Smoothie Makers Tribestjpg

Any smoothie maker with a name straight out of Terminator is good enough for us. Not as powerful as most of the rest, admittedly, the PB 150 still has a 200W motor capable of slicing straight through ice, plus soft and hard fruit. There are no buttons, and the blades can’t be activated until completely covered, so it’s very safe if you have a young inquisitive family climbing all over your kitchen.

Price: £69.95


Sage - The Boss To Go

SM Insta Smoothie Makers Sagejpg

Full disclosure, this makes an entry because of the name (hey, this isn’t Which?). The spinning blades of death are stainless steel and are powered by a 1000W motor, a combination Sage insists pulverises leafy greens up to 42 per cent more than other blenders (don’t ask us how they work that out, because we don’t know). Comes with two 500ml cups and travel lids for those gun-and-run occasions.

Price: £129.95


Breville - Blend Activated Personal Blender

SM Insta Smoothie Makers Brevilejpg

The purveyors of quality toasties have delved into the smoothie game with a nice entry-level model that is still powerful enough to batter the living hell out of all who dare fall through its blades. The two portable blending bottles are a decent 600ml size and the engine is 300W, which will be enough for smoothies and protein drinks.

Price: £19.99

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