Floyd Mayweather Wears A £13M Watch And £13K Hoodies, We Step Inside His Closet

The 50-0 boxing great sure knows how to flaunt his pre-eminence
18:00, 07 Dec 2020

It has been over three years since Floyd Mayweather last fought a pro fight. That was all the way back in 2017 with the notorious £205m spar with Conor McGregor. It’s also been over five years since Floyd entered the ring to defend his world title against a boxer with a record, when he went up against Andre Berto. But has Pretty Boy / Money / TBE shied away from the spotlight? Nope. Far from it. Not for the Fighter of the Decade and possessor of an unblemished 50-0 record.

With an inimitable boxing career and an enviable bank balance, there comes an imitable, enviable sense of style. And he’s got an audience to exhibit it to. An almost self-made billionaire, Mayweather has generated approximately 24m pay-per-view buys and £1.24bn in revenue throughout his career.  Forbes even claimed he pocketed an eye-watering £706m from his boxing career in the last 10 years despite fighting just 10 times. He is the first billion-dollar boxer, and third athlete to ever hit more than nine zeros in the bank, after fellow American TBEs Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Divisive? Yes. Popular? Insanely. His army includes a 7.8m strong Twitter following, 14.5m on Facebook, and 24.1m Instagram devotees, all of whom are privy to Floyd fashion which remains as far away from frugality as it is possible to be. Here’s how he does it.


The Casual Traveller

SM Insta Mayweather Style 03jpg

Did you know that Floyd has his own private jet? Of course you did. The billionaire’s best way to brag: his is a £50m Gulfstream G650. It’s not just a convenient, reclusive way to travel. It’s a favourite backdrop for a snazzy snap. Stepping onto or out of his private jet (crossing the welcome mat reading ‘The Best Ever’) it’s his catwalk and a chance to exhibit some of his most creative looks. One of the most eye-catching, just in case you needed reminding who he is, was a fantabulous tie-dye jacket with an image of prime Mayweather on his back, the word ‘Money’ emblazoned about four times minimum by our reckoning. But the pick of the bunch for Mr Jetsetter is the symbolic Flag Shirt/Poncho hybrid, comprised of a multitude of national flags in one top. Just in case he forgets his passport, we imagine.


The Sports Hoodie

SM Insta Mayweather Style 05jpg

Floyd manages to marry the everyman with the man who incredibly dominated five different weight divisions, every time he rocks out the faithful hoodie. But this isn’t the Eminem/8 Mile hoodie. Floyd always wants to be noticed. That’s why he forgoes the Ghost Protocol effort. There’s no going undercover with this guy. This is the Day-Glo Hoodie. The Silver Hoodie. The Broken Glass Hoodie. The latter motif caught attention as he watched Gervonta David win the lightweight crown in Atlanta, and made more eyes water when it was revealed that it cost £13,400. 


The Bling King

SM Insta Mayweather Style 07jpg

If there’s one thing Floyd possibly loves more than money, it’s jewellery. A diamond crucifix perpetually lies close to his heart, he genies up his wrist by sporting gauntlets of heavy-duty bracelets. If it sparkles, he wants it to enhance his shine. Of course, the biggest compliment to his wealth in this regard is the watch, like in 2019 when Floyd showed off his 41-piece timepiece collection.

"When I go on pay-cation for 30 days, I take 30 watches with me. But, you know what, if we add 10 more days, I take 10 more watches," he explained, before saving the best until last, ‘The Billionaire Watch’, featuring 239 individual emerald-cut baguette diamond stones, each weighing up to three carats.

"But then, I say 'f*ck it. If I wanna bring out the one and only, then I'll take out the watch that costs $18m (£13m)."


The Skating Sensation

SM Insta Mayweather Style 04jpg

The unconventional fashion sense goes all the way down to the footwear. It may be hard to believe, but Floyd Mayweather is probably a better roller-skater than he is a boxer...and he’s a bloody good boxer! Many would say that roller-skating hasn’t been cool since the 1980s, since its heyday with the disco music and roller discos, but are you going to argue with the $1bn dollar boxer with the perfect record?

Retro is cool, and Floyd has flaunted his unabashed love for a pair of wheelies by demonstrating his impressive skills in and around his luxury mansion, and celebrated his 41st birthday with pals Drake and French Montana by taking over a roller skating rink. Floyd Mayweather: Making Skates Great Again.


Capping It All Off

SM Insta Mayweather Style 02jpg

For a man with one of the most recognisable bonces in boxing, Floyd likes to complete his look with the appropriate headwear as befitting his image. Orchestrated by Mayweather but now a fully-fledged brand image, ‘The Money Team’ (TMT) hat is instantly one of the more recognisable sports caps littering ringside/courtside/outside which his legion of fans have sported. It’s almost his Air Jordans.

And there’s almost always wonga at the forefront of his mind. Ahead of his fight with McGregor in 2017, Mayweather himself earned a reported $375k endorsement deal for his walkout cap, and £750,000 for his victory hat. But in his downtime, Floyd has kept it extremely classy, repping the favoured fedora when stepping out in style and going full Max Julien with the red ‘Mack’ brim.

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