QUIZ: Can You Pronounce These Champions League Names?

UEFA have released a handy guide on how to pronounce those tricky surnames
11:54, 17 Sep 2019

We've all been there. You watch a new player on the continent have an absolute stormer and a week later the chat down the pub turns to football.

Desperate to show off your scouting skills, you tell all of your pals about this gem of a wonderkid you've discovered.

Then comes the moment to say his name, "Jow Feelix, he was unbelievable!" are the words that come out. 'Is that right?' you think to yourself. Nobody pulls you up and you continue, the font of all European football knowledge.

Luckily, ahead of the Champions League, UEFA have produced a useful guide on how to pronounce every tricky name.

Done phonetically, it will make life easier for commentators and fans alike across the globe. Soccer Saturday pundit Paul Merson will be chuffed too.

With that in mind, The Sportsman wants to test you out and see just how good you are at those tricky pronunciations.

So, do you know how to say Joao Felix? Have you been pronouncing Toby Alderweireld wrong all these years? It's time to find out.

Don't worry, there'll be no naming and shaming around here but if you smash our quiz, be sure to share your score!