The Best Free Weights For The Home Workout Hero In Your Life This Christmas

You won't be short of variety for your home fitness kick
14:00, 17 Dec 2020

2020 has been the year of the home workout. With gyms shut and people stuck at home, people have been inspired to start pumping iron in their front room, get the exercise bike back out of the garage or just join in with some of the brilliant workout videos we have seen posted online this year.

With any luck, things will be heading back to ‘normal’ as we get into 2021, but it seems like home workouts are here to stay. Who wants to use those gym showers anyway? We're always looking for the best tech to help keep you in shape, so here are the five best free weights that you can buy to use at home, even when Covid is a thing of the past!


Dumbbells - Everlast Adjustable Dumbbell - £220 

SM Insta Free Weights 02jpg

Representing the classic dumbbells, the things that became incredibly popular and therefore difficult to get hold of during the pandemic, is none other than the Everlast Adjustable Dumbbell. The drawback of dumbbells has always been that you can never find the one the right size for you, and after a month or so of working out you have often outgrown the weight you previously invested in.

Well, here is where the Everlast shines. Living up to its name, this should last you forever, as the adjustability means the dumbbells can weigh anything from 2.5kg to 35kg. It really is a smashing bit of kit, and those biceps, triceps and forearms can keep on growing. At £220, it actually represents decent value given how many individual dumbbells you would have to buy in place of this bit of kit. Also, if there is ever another worldwide dumbbell shortage, you won’t have to worry. 


Barbells - Eleiko Performancing Powerlifting Bar - £948

SM Insta Free Weights 03jpg

Barbells are serious bits of kit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in one for your home. The best in the business is the Eleiko Powerlifting Bar, which has been used in the Olympics and several world record attempts. With deep markings (knurling) for extra grip, this bar gives you quality and security in your lifts. 

The 215KPI is suitable for any heavy lifting while the 29mm diameter bar is suitable for everybody. The bar remains stiff and will not bend even under heavy stress, meaning that whether you are just starting out or serious about weightlifting, this bar will not let you down and will help you along the way in your fitness journey. 


Kettlebells - Bowflex SelectTech 840 - £210

SM Insta Free Weights 01jpg

When it comes to kettlebells, you can buy cheap but you will end up buying twice. Like dumbbells we can often outgrow our weight class fairly quickly, so instead consider investing in this clever bit of tech. The Bowflex is adjustable, meaning you get way more for your money than first appears.

For any resistance training enthusiast, this kettlebell will deliver on your every need and won’t let you down when it comes to swinging. It manages to be adjustable without losing build quality and its bulkiness is a positive, rather than a negative. A big thumbs up.


Medicine Balls - DTX Fitness Slam Ball - £35

SM Insta Free Weights 04jpg

There are a whole host of medicine balls but our personal favourite is the slam ball, used for, well, slamming. The best in the business when it comes to slam balls is the DTX Fitness Slam Ball, which comes in a range of weights and features divots, almost like a golf ball, to make the ball easy to grip.

From 3kg to 15kg, these balls provide grip and although they lack the handle of some of their counterparts, for this price they are an excellent investment. In black, they also look really nice, but just make sure you use them outside or on a solid floor! 


Sandbags - ROGUE Original Sandbag - £80

SM Insta Free Weights 05jpg

When talking about free weights, many people think about dumbbells or barbells, but in fact a free weight is anything that provides resistance and isn’t attached to a machine. Some of our favourite exercises are done using sandbags or tyres and it is the former that we have chosen here.

ROGUE have been at the forefront of the sandbag game for generations, and their Original Sandbag is the perfect pick-up for anybody keen on taking their home gym to the next level. The Original comes with handles to make it easier to lift and the beauty of it is that it is robust and can therefore be used for so many exercises. You may not have thought of it, but this could be the piece of equipment that takes your gym from A to A*.

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