Active Style In All Its Heavy Checked Glory Is The Perfect Spring Match-up

Ideal for the rugged outdoor type to enjoy with or without the beard
17:01, 13 Jan 2020

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, joint greatest film of all time with The Godfather 2, is also a vital cultural touch point when tracing the recent history of the beard.

When Ron suffers what would now be thought of as a mental health crisis, he grows huge, unkempt hair on his face. If we pause and think about this, in 2004 when the film came out, the newsman’s facial hair represented an inability to shave, a loss of control, a failure to maintain the standards of a civilised and successful mainstream TV personality.

At that time, a beard meant you’d stepped outside society’s norms or you were a fisherman. You had failed to stay classy. Now they can be worn with a suit or technical fitness gear or anything, however, the real fun we suggest, is in toying with the beard’s outdoorsy, active history and embracing a little rugged style.   

The American working man, meets woodsman, meets seafarer, meets cowboy has been around for years and formed the basis of the original tattooed, hipster, barista.

With the right haircut, it’s a great way to dress if the current trends are feeling a little young, or you just hate them. The key is to ensure the cuts of your heavy jeans and checked shirts are this season. You find these “timeless classics” subtly update themselves.

At the end of this month Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson star in the very out there, creepy thriller The Lighthouse – a far cry from Anchorman, this brilliant, brain twister will haunt your dreams. Both R Patz and Dafoe play stranded lighthouse keepers – their performances are only rivalled by their facial hair, jumpers, jackets and boots. There is no way this look is going anywhere for some time. 

The heavy shoreman’s coat   

Gloverall Churchill Peacoat - £299 (sale price) 

A sturdy, made-in-the-UK classic, crafted with love. Let the fishing jokes come at you. 

SM Beards Churchilljpg

The Brando-esque blouson 

Woolrich Zipper Buffalo Jacket - £289 (sale price) 

This has something of the hunter and is also a little ‘coulda been a contender’, either way a solid piece of Americana.

Nordic noir (well, rouge) 

Fallrate Men’s Skog Shirt M - £100

A typically fuss-free, Scandi flannel from the brand better known for their backpacks. The button-down makes it especially beard friendly. 

SM Beards Falljravenjpg

The big jumper 

Barbour Sanda Crew Neck Sweater - £79.95 

It’s just a waste of a beard not to place it over decent heavy jumper. This one is British and proud. 

SM Beards Barbourjpg

The Breton 

Comme des Garcons Play Striped Tee-Shirt - £105

A little twist on this facial hair classic from the Japanese brand.  

SM Beards Commesjpg

Blue chinos

Carhartt Craft Pant - £90 

Impossible to take on rugged wear without a Carhartt something. These blue chinos are tough and comfortable and a break from denim.

SM Beards Carhaartjpg

Big Boots

Redwing Classic Moc Toe Boots 8131 - £269 

These look better with age. Should be illegal to wear without, at least, stubble. 

SM Beards Redwingjpg
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