Adidas X Prada Combine To Create The Stunning Sailing Inspired Luna Rossa 21

The two giant brands have created something seriously special
08:00, 14 Dec 2020

Prada is still cool. No, like seriously cool. But did you know they’ve also got a bit of a sporting background too? Luna Rossa, the Italian team who sail in the America’s Cup are now sponsored and dressed by the famous designer brand and to be fair to them, they look smart. In fact, they are the most stylish team on the seven seas. With watchmaker Panerai on board as well as Pirelli, the Italians sure know how to do style and the sailors have found themselves in demand. 

Well, now things have gone one step further as a shoe has been created by Prada for these sailors. Not their usual bag we know. The A+P Luna Rossa 21 isn’t just from Prada though, the A in that A+P is for adidas (yes grammar pendants, we know it's actually spelt with a lowercase a). The German shoe brand combining with the Italian giants is surely a recipe for success and it seems like they have hit the jackpot here.

SM Insta Adidas Prada Luna 01jpg

Taking inspiration from the brand spanking new AC75 Luna Rossa team boat this trainer is fashion functional. It has to be to survive what the sailors put themselves through on a daily basis. The upper is made from a material that is made from high-performance recycled materials called ‘Primegreen’ and more than anything, it is durable and rugged.

There are clear touches of adidas here too though. The perforated boost midsole allows the laces to move more and are designed to prevent knots. Sailors, knots - get it?  Meanwhile, the hydrophobic outer shell is specially made to prevent water soaking and therefore freezing your toes.

SM Insta Adidas Prada Luna 02jpg

Although designed for sailors, these beauties will make waves beyond the high seas (a pun too far?). Prada x adidas is the perfect match and as you are unlikely to be crossing the Pacific on a boat anytime soon, you still want them to look good. They look seriously crisp and fresh, allowing you to match them with almost anything, on land or sea.

SM Insta Adidas Prada Luna 05jpg

Two absolutely giant brands have merged here to produce a fab looking sneaker which is seriously functional. The price is £490, more than you’d pay for your average sneaker but then again, we are talking about Prada here. It doesn’t do average darling...

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