Asics Launch Hi-Tech Face Mask To Keep Runners Covered While Training

The Runner’s Face Cover stems the spread of moisture droplets from heavy breathing
09:00, 01 Aug 2020

Strapping on a face mask and stepping outside for a run in the middle of summer is a tough sell even in Britain, where, let’s face it, the temperature’s tepid at best. Even so, getting those miles under our collective belt is difficult to do when you can’t breathe properly! 

Fear not fellow runners, for Asics are back with another piece of technological genius that makes running just that little bit easier, especially in such strange times. The Asics Runner’s Face Cover was specifically designed by the running shoe manufacturer’s Institute of Sports Science to make running as comfortable as possible, while also stemming the spread of moisture droplets from heavy breathing.

SM Insta Asics Mask 01jpg

While running with a face mask isn’t mandatory in the UK yet, it is in several regions across the world including the US so we need to start thinking about things like this now. The biggest win for the Runner’s Face Cover, thanks to its shape, is the sheer amount of space within compared to simpler cloth masks on the market, with plenty of ventilation under the chin that provides much needed airflow for breathing without the risk of droplets escaping.

SM Insta Asics Mask 02jpg

If you’ve worn a face mask at all over the last few weeks/months, you’re probably very aware that they’re not always the most comfortable bit of attire to head to the shops in, let alone run a 10k in, so you’ll be happy to know that the Runner’s Face Cover features an adjustable cord to ensure it fits comfortably, and more importantly, securely across your face, in particular under your eyes. Asics will probably never cease to amaze us when it comes to innovative running gear.

SM Insta Asics Mask 03jpg

Asics Runner's Face Cover will be available around the world from September for £35. You can sign up now at Asics’ official website to register your interest.

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