Dragon Alliance's 'X Performance' For Those Active Winter Speedsters

The stylish sunglasses will have you looking as cool as ice
15:11, 06 Sep 2019

Dragon Alliance is one of the most recognised eyewear brands aimed at active people and renowned for unique quality, style and design.

Since 1993, from its beginnings in California, Dragon Alliance has provided high-tech eyewear, working closely with local snowboarders and dirt bike riders who quickly embraced the stylish sunglasses that were made specifically for their sports. 

So, who better to model the new Dragon Alliance 'X Performance' collection than Chris Benchetler.

The stylish skier and artist combines skill with aesthetics and shows off these new glasses designed as part of Dragon Alliance’s ‘X Performance’ collection for the winter.

From biking, to scaling mountains, they are the perfect fit, providing optimal functionality for those scaling new heights with bold aims.

For those planning on an active Christmas during those cold months, they’ll look cool in these specs, boasting features which adjust to demanding outdoor conditions - creating a customised experience on land, water or snow.

The Tracer X come equipped with clear and brown bonus lenses for varying light conditions with an easy, interchangeable tab-release system that allows for a quick lens change on the go. 

They have an ergonomic sport fit designed for helmet compatibility, along with ventilated rubber nose pads and adjustable rubber temple tips for superior grip and airflow. They are produced using injected, plant-based resin, which renders these frames eco-friendly. 


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