Finally! The Face Mask That Comes With Its Own Built In Headphones

MaskFone has been made to be as practical as possible for long periods of wear-time
15:00, 01 Oct 2020

The two areas that seem to have stumped the world during this pandemic have been discovering a vaccine that works, and finding a face mask that fits. The latter has been particularly troublesome; masks tend to be too hot, too small and have reduced humanity to saying ‘pardon?’ after every other muffled sentence. Winter is going to bring all sorts of new trouble too. Wait until we have to try taking the mask off with a big pair of gloves, while walking through horizontal rain, holding an umbrella. Oh yes, the good times are just ahead.

SM Insta Mask Fone 01jpeg

MaskFone looks to address the issue of having to constantly remove the mask by making it as practical as possible for long periods of wear-time. Technically, the longer you have it on, the safer you are, and apparently two of the main reasons we remove our masks is that they get too stuffy, and we need to use our phones. These fully breathable options have replacement filters to keep things as fresh as possible, but the main selling point is they come with integrated headphones. With control buttons built into the side, you can answer the phone, or listen to music, without having to put your dirty hands and gloves all over your mask to remove it.

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The MaskFone will be available from November but pre-orders are available now at their website. Masks cost $49.99.  

Available at

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