Head Back To The Glory Years With The North Curve

Relive the glory days with these stunning sweaters
14:25, 05 May 2020

When the Doc made Marty a time machine, the best he could do was go back to his own house and make sure his dad slept with his mum. Which is weird however you look at it.

Most folks of course, when faced with the sudden ability to transport themselves back to any moment in any era whatsoever, would use football (rather than their parents) as the yardstick for time travel ambition.

The day Gazza arrived in Rome to join Lazio, for example, would be a good starting point. Watching Dutch master, John Cruyff, pull on the number 14 top for the first time? Perfect! Witnessing Roberto Baggio jog onto the pitch for the 1990 World Cup? An excellent suggestion! Back to mine to watch my parents have sex? You’re not quite right in the head, Hollywood.   

With these sweatshirts of bygone glory days, cloth specialists The North Curve have pretty much invented their own DeLorean, covering everything from training sessions, to World Cups, to standing on a cold wet train station on away days.

It’s a new kid on the block, having only formed in Scotland in January last year, but The North Curve’s obsession with retro football shirts (and music) make this mandatory lockdown purchase material. Recommended.


SM Insta Retro Fotball Jumpers Baggiojpg
SM Insta Retro Fotball Jumpers Cruyffjpg
SM Insta Retro Fotball Jumpers Gazzajpg
SM Insta Retro Fotball Jumpers Maldinijpg
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