Jones Flagship Is The Most Sustainable Snowboard This Winter

The new Flagship sets the standard for the environment
14:17, 01 Oct 2019

Whether on the continent or back home, if you love to snowboard then Jones’ latest offering will certainly catch your eye.

After decades of riding as a pro, Jeremy Jones decided to make his own snowboards.

Using his vast experience, he set up his own brand in 2009, creating durable, high-performance equipment.

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Now, following three years of development, the new Flagship sets the standard when it comes to caring for the environment.

Featuring recycled edges and sidewalls flax top sheet, the graphics are printed with water-based inks and the board is made from sustainably harvested wood.

“The new Flagship is an incredibly powerful and dynamic board,” said @harry_kearney.

“It comes around quick and is really stable at speed. It’s my go-to board in any terrain and every condition.” 

With a tapered shape for smoother turns, the new Flagship is ideal for those seeking straight lines with precision whilst on the slopes.

Also boasting multiple wax types on the base for a better glide through different snow temperatures, the Flagship is the only board to be seen with this winter.

ScreenShot2019 10 01at143517png
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