Lacoste Launch Iconic L12.12 Sunglasses That Are Perfect For That Winter Getaway

These are no ordinary sunglasses but are for ideal for young and old
17:01, 22 Nov 2019

French sports label Lacoste has launched their new L.12.12 sunglasses offering a multi-gender and multi-age style of sunglasses perfect for the whole family. 

The unique style that is characterised with a fluid single-lens construction are definitely more interesting than your conventional style of sunglasses.

Designed with a wide front shape, crafted from durable injected plastic and polycarbonate lenses to ensure clear vision, the new style of sunglasses are light, resilient and comfortable - absolutely everything that you need when on the court.

Inspired by the same ideas and qualities that Rene Lacoste first developed on the original polo top for tennis players who knew they needed something more comfortable than the long sleeve tops worn at the time.

The sunglasses even feature a Petit Pique pattern first used on the iconic L.12.12 polo shirts that have become an icon for the company. 

They are available in Matt Black, Matt Green, Matt Red, Matt Grey and Matt Pink.

SM Style Lacoste Shades Instajpg
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