Loungewear - Because We Are All Working From Home Now

Say ‘Au Revoir’ to your belt
17:00, 29 Mar 2020

Belts, shoes, heavy seams and don’t even start us on zips and buttons – real dressing, outdoor dressing, is a huge compromise on our ability to hang around, free and easy.

In the olden days being indoors meant adapted tracksuits and board shorts and yes, they still have a place, but if you really want to discover the true art of being in and very, very comfortable, you need to explore loungewear. Specifically designed for a sofa-based existence, they practically make you watch old Game of Thrones and nurse tea after tea while your free hand explores a tray of biscuits.

We feel loungewear should be soft and luxurious and just presentable enough to deal with a Skype meeting (as long as light and angles are sorted). Prepare to hang about…

Paul Smith Black Jersey Cotton Lounge Pants £60 and a Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee-Shirt £35

They’re Paul Smith which gives these a special dignity and they have an excellent pool-party feel.

SM Lounge Paul Smith Teejpg
SM Lounge Paul Smith Pantsjpg

Derek Rose Marlowe Micromodal Pyjama Bottoms £120 and Long Sleeve Tee Shirt £95

So, yes, we realise these are pyjamas but we’re bending borders here – it’s 2020 and they’re so well constructed!

SM Lounge Derek Marlowe Teejpg
SM Lounge Derek Marlowe Pantsjpg

Liberty Imran Tana Cotton Robe £195

We admit this is a little flamboyant but think of that video call with your line manager…


SM Lounge Libertyjpg

Asos Design Pyjama Short and Oversized t-shirt Set in Purple Velour £22

A superb value product and… purple velour. 



SM Lounge ASOSjpg

John Lewis Cotton Short-Sleeve Pyjamas £45

We just couldn’t resist the Cuban collar – a bit foreign correspondent. 



SM Lounge John Lewisjpg
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