Nike Vaporfly Gives You Extra As It Dominates Marathon Podiums

These cool trainers can get you at least 4% efficiency and the stats prove it
14:31, 06 Nov 2019

The Nike Vaporfly is dominating marathon podiums the world over.

If you are looking for a trainer that is going to push you further and increase your times, these are an essential.

Astonishingly, the Nike Vaporfly claimed 31 of 36 podiums in 2019 World Marathon Majors. 

SM Nike Vaporfly V6jpg

Now, of course, we’re not taking anything away from the athletes, but it’s clear the launch of the revolutionary Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% has helped get that little bit more from the race.

Take the year before, Nike running shoes accounted for only 25 of the 36 available podiums when looking at the top three male and females running in the Abbott World Marathon Majors.

Nike’s claims of more efficiency have been backed up and this year’s edition, the trainers called ‘Next%’, alluding to a further boost, hold true.

Only in October, Eliud Kipchoge ran 1:59:40 in Vienna, somehow smashing the two hour barrier. Is he human?! Or perhaps it was his trainers, running in a special prototype of Vaporfly.

It’s fair to say Nike have revolutionised running, though you don’t have to be a supreme athlete to get the benefits.

Even if you are an amateur or just enjoy a run around the park to blow off those cobwebs, these kicks are sure to help you push to the next level.