The Conscious Men’s Brands That Are Saving The Planet And Making Great Clothes

Check out these sustainable male brands
15:12, 05 Feb 2020

There will be always cynics, whining naysayers who try to bring you down when you buy something new. “But you already have 127 pairs of black jeans?”

What they don’t understand is the cut of the jeans you just bought is different, the stitching completely new, the rivets… look at those rivets! We are all about the details (and the temporary, shallow, hit of dopamine). However, you want to be able to add that essential new purchase without adding to the climate crisis. The fashion industry is waking up to the waste involved in changing your gear all the time just because trends have moved on.

Some brands are moving faster than others. Here we pay due respect to those who sacrifice short-term profits for a fresh approach that makes buying new things less of a burden on the planet. Naturally, there is the temptation, once you’ve started using these brands, to explain your environmentally aware approach to everyone to you meet in lengthy smug detail. We say… go for it! 


Everlane is the poster boy for transparent business; they tell you what other fashion brands hide - how much each piece of the process actually costs, so you can see what you’re paying for (and where it’s made). This is your uncle in the restaurant pointing out the bread roll only cost them seven pence at Greggs. Also, they have some beautifully made pieces.

Everlane The Re Cashmere Crew, £76

SM Insta Sustatinable Style Evelanejpg


Levi’s has to be congratulated for going the extra mile, considering it’s a giant and a giant that’s been around for some time. It’s been working on the chemicals, the factories and the water usage. Levi’s has developed the WaterLess range that highlights the work they’ve done to save on the vital clear liquid and allow the consumer to support this effort as they shop. 

Levi’s WaterLess slim taper fit jeans, £85

SM Insta Sustatinable Style Levisjpg


Hiut denim has taken away that worry in the back of your mind that the clothes you buy are made far away by people being treated very badly and paid very little. Hiut is based in Wales and their brilliant jeans are made in a town that suffered the closure of its old denim factory years ago. They upload videos of their craftsmen on social media and celebrate their skills. 

Hiut Selvedge Denim Work@, £240 

SM Insta Sustatinable Style Hiutjpg


Patagonia, the outdoor cult brand loved by the youth, are heroes of environmental awareness who did this before almost everyone else. On their site, you can see factories and initiatives that go well beyond anything most companies are considering even now. Back in 2011, they even ran a ground-breaking anti-ad in the New York Times stating: “Don’t buy this jacket.”

Patagonia Men’s Retro Pile Fleece, £120

SM Insta Sustatinable Style Patagoniajpg

The White T-Shirt Co. 

The White T-Shirt Company is an interesting go at making the kind of basic we take for granted really well and without dodgy sourcing. They know where their cotton comes from and how it’s manufactured. These are more expensive than the four-packs you can buy online but we think they’re worth it.

The White T-Shirt Co Men’s Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt, £36

SM Insta Sustatinable Style White Tjpg
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