The Solar-Powered Smartwatch With A Battery That Lasts Weeks

It’s smarter than the average smartwatch
09:00, 30 Aug 2020

Garmin have been at the forefront of cutting technology since the company was founded in Kansas back in 1989. Three decades later they’re continuing to blow us away every time they drop a new product. This isn’t a shoehorned Wizard Of Oz reference (you’re not in Kansas now Dorothy) oh no, their latest watch, the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar, has literally blown us away.

SM Insta Garmin Fenix 01jpg

The real genius of the Fenix 6 Pro Solar is the solar-powered battery, which, providing you have access to sunlight (good luck in the UK) can give you weeks worth of life on a device that does everything you could practically want from a smart watch. It tracks everything from calories burnt to heart rate - in fact, it’s even smart enough, should you get lost in a forest, to guide you out safe and sound. Something you never knew you wanted until now, right?

SM Insta Garmin Fenix 03jpg

It looks the business too, coming available in either a 42mm or 47mm case and with a wide array of colours and materials on offer. At just 62g, it’s an absolute dream to wear and the 23g silicone strap fits around the wrist comfortably, with little sliding. Another big bonus of the Fenix 6 Pro Solar is, unlike most smartwatches, you don’t need a phone to set it up - the watch already has Wi-Fi for syncing directly to the internet, downloading updates or music when needed. It’s smarter than the average smartwatch. Fact.

SM Insta Garmin Fenix 04jpg

Garmin have come a long way since their foundation thirty years ago, and the Fenix 6 Pro Solar means business and is much more than just a sports watch - run with it, climb a mountain with it or go golfing with it - this is the sports watch. 

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar from £739.99